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LoKitty Love Vinyl Decal

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Lokitty has a great capacity for love. Just keep your distance.

This is my original design, based on my love of LOKI and cats. I needed one more decal for the back of my car. It had to be green, and it had to be Loki. Also a cat, why not.

The helmet is metallic gold. The cat is whatever color you want. (I used a Grass Green that is not listed but if you desire it just write me a note in checkout.)

This decal is cut from high-quality Oracal 651 outdoor vinyl. It is available in several easy-to-see colors and measures approx 5"x 5". Metallic colors will have a matte finish. (Think the dull side of tinfoil, not the shiny side.)

Looking for something specific? Decals can be made in a rainbow of colors and variety of sizes. Just ask!