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B-Grade Enamel Pins [SECONDS]

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Less-than-perfect-quality versions of my current and past pin designs.

Pins available as "seconds" or "B-grade" quality may have small imperfections in their enamel colors or metal finishes. From a distance they are fine but up close they are not quite perfect. Flaws may include the following: wonky enamel fill, incorrect/missing enamel, small bubbles/lint in the enamel, wiggly posts, chips in the plating, or overpolishing. Most flaws are too small to notice. Some flaws will only be visible from the back. Seconds-quality pins will ship without backing cards. Available while supplies last.


- Devil Dean
- Eat the Pennies St. Cloud (Random selection from versions 1-3)
- Smoking HELPeR
- Tijuana/Mexican HELPeR
- Monarch 'Die Captain Sunshine' Penny
- Brock Murdercake

- Flying Dr. Cuttlefish
- Franklinator Badger Stick
- Robotology Symbol Pin
- Delivery Boy Soda Can
- You Gotta Do
- 'Ut Uberiores Divites'
- Cob Planet
- Pinecone of Eternal Love
- Pigs In Space ver 1 (light purple)
- Pigs In Space ver 2 (dark purple)
- Unicorn Riding a Garden Gnome
- Scottish Luchador Mask
- Bottle o Demon

Actual seconds-quality pins shown in photo. Ships in 1-2 days via USPS First Class.