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Dandelion Sticker

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This 3" matte-finish, kiss-cut sticker reads "I will grow under any conditions" and is born of my deep, abiding love for this under-appreciated "weed", the dandelion.

I was inspired to create this sticker every time my husband and I engaged in a heated debate about the dandelion's place in our yard. OF COURSE it's welcome to grow wherever it damn well pleases, both in our yard and the neighborhood at large. Did you know dandelions are ENTIRELY EDIBLE? Did you know they are super healthy, like kale? And these ignorant morons are out here killing them, in favor of their stupid green deserts, their shrines to conformist monoculture.

Growing large fields of one kind of thing is a really dumb idea that should never exist. Nature thrives on entropy, on diversity. LEAVE THE DANDELIONS. Kill the lawn.

Anywhoo... where was I?

I am dandelion. Hardy. Useful. Thriving where I am not wanted. Growing DESPITE not being wanted. Improving the Earth by my very presence, whether it's appreciated or not.